Technology & Learning: Top 10 Tech Trends

The article is here. Pages 16-17 show trend #9: The Penguin is Snow-Balling. Interesting. I'm glad the Linux and Open Source Software is finally a regular on the radar screens of this magazine. But if it's only now starting to be covered regularly in this national magazine for Educational Technology Coordinators, then it will be years before the readers at large are ready to accept it in the mainstream.

Nevermind that Dell, HP, and IBM have already shown their "supposed" support of Linux as an OS (after all, what company cannot - especially a company that makes servers?). I know. Linux on the server is way old news. Linux on the desktop - it just ain't there yet! I know that argument. But I also know when I needed a functional computer lab in a terminal-server environment with no extra money... the ONLY solution came from the OSS community (in the form of the K12 LTSP community). To do this the Microsoft way would have bankrupted my small school district.

Here is an interesting article about Dell and Ubuntu. And here is another one.

Just food for thought.

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