Twitter for E-Learning

This article discusses usage of Twitter to communicate with customers. Take that same concept and apply it to communicating with learners...

via CustomersAreAlways on 4/15/08
So, I had a few dates with Twitter this past weekend and it looks like love is in the air. I know you're probably asking, Where the heck have you been, Maria? Twitter has been around for ages and you're now just getting it?

I'm not one of those early adopters when it comes to social networking sites, although I now truly see the potential to gain new business. I've said before that there is power in social networking and social media (I learned that there is a difference between the two) when it comes to communicating with customers, but I never really gave much thought to a Twitter explosion on customer service.

twitter-snapshot.jpgImagine being able to send out a "tweet" to your friends while you're sitting in a restaurant..."XYZ restaurant's service sucks! Don't come today...or ever!" I like the idea of being able to send out a quick real-time message like that instead of having to wait until I get home to write up a long blog post about my experience. Well, actually, I could do both to make more of an impact ;)

In doing a search for companies who use Twitter, I discovered that JetBlue engages in real conversations (You can follow JetBlue here).

And if you happen to be a Tweeter, I invite you to follow me here.

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