Allowing Non-Students To View Grades In Moodle

I've been visiting the helpful Moodle community and asking about how to solve a particular problem I face in deploying Moodle successfully in my organization: viewing students' scores. Teachers, Admins and Students can all view scores. Teachers can see the scores of all students in their classes; Students can only see their own grades and Admins can see anyone' grades. But what about non-Students who are also non-Teachers and non-Admins?

My organization is not unique in that we have Supervisors who need to see the grades of their employees. Also, we have Human Resources personnel who need to see the grades of any or all students. The groups may not be Teachers or Admins. In fact I'd rather they not have any Administrative access at all. How to resolve this problem?

The Moodle community says setup special Roles for these users. You can view the post here.

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everdream said...

I have setup the Parent role in Moodle and called it "Supervisor" instead. I have also deployed the Mentees block to allow the Parents (Supervisors) to view the activities and grades of their "children" (employees).

This works well! However, I'm going to request a tweak to allow Parents to view a report card type of overview, seeing all the course final grades in one page.

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