Online Graduate Degrees for E-Learning Professionals

I've looked at a few online graduate degress for e-learning professionals and now I've decided to take my search to the web 2.0 community...

  • What do you think about online graduate degrees in e-learning?
  • Which schools have the most "bang for the buck"?
  • Which schools degree's carry the most "clout"?
  • Which schools degree's will actually provide the most benefit?
The programs that interest me are:

What else is available that is worth investigating?


Mr N ICT Teacher said...

I'm just finishing (15,000 words from finishing!) an online degree in ICT in Education at Leeds University in the UK. Participants from all over the world, great course also mixed with face to face students which makes things more interesting.

everdream said...

Mr N - is the Leeds program available as a completely online degree? I don't see myself being able to travel to the UK (but I would LOVE to!)

Chris @ eQuixotic said...

I've had my eye on Pepperdine's online program for years. One of these days I'll find the time and the cash to actually do it.

everdream said...

Chris - you sound like me! I'm planning on starting classes this coming fall... but where? Mizzou's online program is appealing to me since I live in Missouri and Mizzou has a credible name. SDSU is well-known in the Education circles, but non-Educators would probably say, "San Diego State?". Same for Boise.

But a Master's from a UK University... that's "high brow"! Perhaps Leeds is the way to go.

Allisun said...

So, what was the verdict ? What program did you choose? I'm halfway through CSU East Bay's program and while the theory is great, I find it lacking in keeping up with today's tools & they're still teaching at a really basic, no-web-know-how level (that I'm yawning past as a digital native...)

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