Web 2.0 Platforms Keep Growing... and Growing...

I first used web 2.0 technology in 2002 when I setup my very own Mambo server as a school technology coordinator. I wanted to create an online community for my students to interact within as well as to for technology lessons and to communicate with parents and the community. My students took to it like ducks to water. And I realized that something really big was brewing here because I didn't understand one bit of PHP, yet I administered this server and this website and it was easy and powerful!

Since then I've used Joomla and Drupal and enjoy both platforms. I've also deployed WordPress, TWiki and MoinMoin servers at my organization. I administer an internal Moodle server. I dabble with Elgg and Jabber. I do this so I can keep updated on the newest web 2.0 technologies. I still don't know any PHP. (Crazy, right?)

At home, I use Blogger.com because it integrates easily with my Google lifestyle, but I'm seriously considering using WordPress. Blogger just doesn't seem to have the feature set that WP has and it doesn't seem to have the community support that WP has. Plus it seems so much easier to tweak the themes or templates or whatever you wish to call it - in WordPress.

I know Blogger will grow and feature sets will be updated. But I can't wait that long! I need to do some things with a web publishing platform that I believe only WordPress can do. Sorry Blogger. (that doesn't mean I'll quit blogger here - but I will start another blog using WP).

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